International Conference ”Economic Scientific Research - Theoretical, Empirical and Practical Approaches” - ESPERA


The aim of the NIER international conference ”Economic Scientific Research - Theoretical, Empirical and Practical Approaches”- ESPERA is to present and evaluate the economic scientific research portfolio, to argue and substantiate development strategies at national, European and global level.

The 2018 edition of the Conference takes place under the title „The Romanian Economy. A Century of Transformation (1918-2018)” and will be included in the Romanian Academy anniversary events celebrating the „100th anniversary of the Great Union of Romania”. The event will include an important program of wide diversity initiatives, involving many researchers from all the institutes and centres of NIER, who will join the members of the Romanian Academy, Romanian academics and researchers and also guests from other countries. The Conference will be built in such a way as to become a platform for debates covering the broadest approaches, both historically and other aspects specific to Romania's transition to a market economy, its full integration into the European Union, macroeconomic and regional convergence. A special place will be reserved for the sectoral problems and the stages of the evolution of the Romanian economy and society during the one hundred years since the Great Union and the full representation of Romania in European and world context. The contributions that will be expressed, on a meritorious and wide-ranging level, will be brought together and disseminated, as in previous years, in a volume published under the Peter Lang International Academic Publishing Group.

Researchers and academics from abroad are encouraged to participate, the Conference providing an opportunity to share their theoretical knowledge, research findings and best practices in the field of economics and economic policies of the countries they come from with their colleagues and academic community, connecting the participants in Romania to the international and European debates.

The plenary session and the parallel sections are centred on priority research directions in the field of economic and social sciences of the „Romanian Academy Research Strategy 2014-2020”, respectively: Romania's sustainable economic and social development - models, scenarios, evaluations; natural resources patrimony - costs and benefits of its valorisation; knowledge, innovation, smart development and human capital; economy dynamics and structural changes for a competitive growth; European integration and globalisation - new challenges; economic instability and stabilisation policies; development and improvement of economic and social forecasting tools; food safety and security – challenges for agriculture economic development; assessment of economic, social and political experiences and thoughts; contributions to the New Encyclopaedia of Romania; quality of life and social policies evaluations; demographic facts and figures.









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